We Are Flagstar Media

Why choose Flagstar Media ?

Flagstar Media is a web advertising company. The name comes from six types of targeting: retargeting, behavioural targeting, and contextual, local, socio-demographic, geographic and timed well targeting. It is aimed for publishers who have more than 1,000 visitors per day ; our goal is to target large advertisers. Through its services, the company guarantees high CPM rates. The goal of the company is to offers different and quality ads.

An ideal quality

Our goal is to offer a quality of display that will integrate well with your website. To offer quality of ads, Flagstar selects advertisers that are known nationally, the quality of the advertisers will allow you to add credit to your website. In order to avoid overexposure for the web user, the company uses caps; this allows you to fully control the display on your website. Before thinking return on investment, Flagstar Media thinks first about the comfort of your visitors.

Being close to you

Each partner should be followed individually. Flagstar Media strives to provide a personalized phone call with all publishers. The goal of the company is to provide a close and clear relationship with all the partners. If you have a question, Flagstar Media will be back to you very quickly. The company voluntarily limits the number of publishers in order to listen and have a personalised relationship with all publishers.

Many innovations

Flagstar Media has developed a special targeting tool that will allow you to retain your users on your site and conquer new web users. Be sure to reach the right target at the right time. Using different targeting techniques used by our ad server, the user will only see certain ads according to his profile. The objective is to segment visitors according to their needs and likes. This technique will allow us to deliver the best ad according to the userís needs.

Segmented offers

Save time and money. The rates are clear, attractive and guaranteed. The guaranteed cpm offer, for the slide in and site under format has already attracted a large amount of webmasters. This transparent offer has already seduced many websites. Turn your website in a profit machine and free up time to manage the content of your website.